Kiki’s and Blooming Orchids

Dixie had some extra pots and I finally transferred the orchid babies/kikis into their own pots. Excited to watch them grow up. The big mama is still nursing one more kiki. The other two orchids are very happy as well. One is going wild and has almost out grown its pot! The second is still blooming! Perfect orchid weather in Houston these days. We are so lucky to be getting all this rain. Thank you rain gods!

Orchid Pots!

Since it has been a year+ since I got my first orchid and it’s still alive AND it’s blooming again!!! To celebrate I made a ceramic orchid pot and it was so much fun I wanted to make another. With 2 pots I needed 2 orchids. Last Saturday I went back to the Urban Harvest farmer’s market and saw my friends at the Orchid Obsession tent. I picked out beautiful fuchsia orchid with two babies or keikis on it and some air plants. They all look so good on the balcony soaking up the Houston humidity. I can’t wait to see the air plants bloom.