Public Art

Wall Update: New Growth

New leaves are taking form on the forget-me-not wall at Smither Park.  My wonderful assistant (Thanks Mom!!) and I braved the sun yesterday and made a lot of progress’; we chipped out a yellow petal in the duck flower and replaced it with a blue one, built up the area inside the cat plates with styrofoam AND continued with the leaves.   All in all, a good days work.

Check out some more progress pictures taken by park designer Dan Phillips here.

There is a whole crew working every Saturday.  Stop by next Saturday to meet the artists and get your hands dirty!

A Return to the Wall

After a few months off installing mosaic with Dixie and Mosaika, I’m back at Smither Park working on the forget-me-not wall. There are a few more flowers blooming and some leaves are finally sprouting. And I found a turtle to top it off!

There is a crew of people helping every Saturday and everyone has made major progress! Come check it out, lend a hand and meet the crew. This is public art at it’s finest. Not only can you see the artwork progress, you-as a public-can meet the artist, see the installation process AND participate and get your hands dirty too! Click here to see the Smither Park Facebook page for updates or email me and I’ll get you on the listserve. It’s really looking good!

Installing with Dixie

For the past 4 weeks I have been in the Woodlands, Texas helping install a mosaic by artist Dixie Friend Gay and fabricated by Mosaika. The wall is 40 feet high up a 3 story staircase in a brand new building for Sam Houston State University. I got new work boots for the job. You can see the boots progression- day 1 and 10 so far- below. Keep checking back to see how the boots fare.

**** NEW UPDATE! We are done installing AND I’ve added images of boots day 20 and day 30! The last 10 days were spent working on the Houston Bayou mosaic mural at Bush Intercontinental Airport Terminal B.  We patched it up and re-grouted so it’s looking better then ever! And my boots are now ready to work on the wall for Smither Park.  Let the mosaic-ing continue…..

Check out Dixie’s Blog or Mosaika’s installation Blog for the whole installation process at Sam Houston in the Woodlands. My boot makes a cameo appearance on Mosaika’s blog day 14.

Leaving a mark at Cadillac Ranch

Outside of Amarillo, on I-10, you will find Cadillac Ranch….

More Flowers on the Wall

These pictures are from a few weeks ago.  Huge thanks to everyone who came out to work on the swirl of continuity.  Looking forward to the new year and sharing all the progress!

A New Flower on the Wall

The big blue forget-me-not is almost complete and I started adding another forget-me-not composed of cat plates. I’ll add the fifth plate/petal to the flower, finish the big blue flower and hopefully add a few more flowers/leaves this weekend.  Dan Phillips and some other artists should be at the wall on Saturday as well.  Stop by and say Hi!, meet Dan and the other artists and, possibly, lend a hand and get a little dirty.  I’m hoping to complete my section before the new year and the more hands the better!

Wall Update

Some wall progress in October… the forget-me-not is really starting to bloom!  The evil eye was a gift from my recent trip to Turkey.  Somewhere along the way it fell and broke into three pieces making a prefect addition to the mosaic forget-me-not as my own memory in blue.

Happy 30th Orange Show!

I spent the last week in October helping some amazing Houston artists create a 12-foot-tall by 12-foot-wide 4 layer cake to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Orange Show. Paul Kittelson built the frame and Dixie Friend Gay, Sharon Kopriva, Carter Ernst, and I “decorated” the cake.  Marilyn Oshman, the founder of the Orange Show as a non-profit foundation, was thrilled and  said “the cake represents everything the Orange Show stands for.  I love it, the artists brought the cake to the party!”

To see some awesome photos of the party click here.

To read more about the Orange Show click here.

Wall Progress

Finally some progress on the wall at Smither Park! And now to the fun part…. The mosaic! Right now I’m just working in the giant forget-me-not flower. Slowly but surely it’s blooming!






Biggest Lion Ever!

On Tuesday Dixie and I started installing the biggest lion ever in a new elementary school here in Houston. Fabricated in Mexico, the mural is cut into manageable panels for installation. My favorite piece is the nose!