Kiki’s and Blooming Orchids

Dixie had some extra pots and I finally transferred the orchid babies/kikis into their own pots. Excited to watch them grow up. The big mama is still nursing one more kiki. The other two orchids are very happy as well. One is going wild and has almost out grown its pot! The second is still blooming! Perfect orchid weather in Houston these days. We are so lucky to be getting all this rain. Thank you rain gods!

Happy Tillandias

It’s been a good wet summer and happy Tillandias/air plants are here to prove it. I’m so excited one of them is blooming! What a beauty!

Banana Peppers from the Garden

Spring/Summer Garden Expansion

This spring we enlarged the vegetable garden I started next to my parent’s house. It feels good to claim back some dirt from the concrete.

Spring/Early Summer Harvests: rainbow peppers, parsley, mint, lemon balm, oregano, calendulas, purple carrots (which I need to plant farther apart next year so they can get bigger) and spicy Thai peppers

New additions: a banana pepper plant, 3 kinds of tomatoes, some pesto basil, and a sweet potato spinach plant from the farmer’s market.

The rainbow pepper plant from last year is still producing with some fertilizer love and the herbs are all very happy.

I’m planning to experiment with some flower seeds to get us through the summer. I’ve got big plans for the fall with all this space to fill!!

Orchid Pots!

Since it has been a year+ since I got my first orchid and it’s still alive AND it’s blooming again!!! To celebrate I made a ceramic orchid pot and it was so much fun I wanted to make another. With 2 pots I needed 2 orchids. Last Saturday I went back to the Urban Harvest farmer’s market and saw my friends at the Orchid Obsession tent. I picked out beautiful fuchsia orchid with two babies or keikis on it and some air plants. They all look so good on the balcony soaking up the Houston humidity. I can’t wait to see the air plants bloom.



Winter Harvest

Monarch Season

Last year this time, Dixie and I had just finished the designs for the Boundary Station windscreens on the soon to be built Metro Northline here in Houston. As research for the project I documented the butterfly activity in her garden. And I couldn’t help but notice it was Monarch season again. Check out the Monarch caterpillars chowing down and the Monarch chrysalis I found nearby.

Click a here to see Dixie’s metro designs.

Fall Garden updates

Last weekend we had a garden harvest!  Nothing too fancy: a few rainbow peppers (red this time!), lots of pesto in the freezer and zinnias all over the house.  Some nice additions to the garden as well:  a hot pepper plant and a baby aloe.  The basil and zinnias are still going strong and finally the weather is amazing.  Let’s hope it lasts and brings the rain!

garden growing




Zinnias blooming in the garden!

In the language of flowers, the Zinnia symbolizes thoughts of absent friends.


The summer months always make me wish for picnics with friends and fireflies. To all my dear friends around the world who I don’t see every day, these are for you!


Rain in the garden

The garden has been looking really good. Two peppers on the rainbow pepper plant and lots of happy basil to make pesto!


Also the zinnias are starting to bloom!!

Thanks to the rain gods for yesterday’s rain. It felt like Houston again!