a gods eye 8.11.12

a gods eye after Orna and Tudor

Thanks to everyone who came out to hear Orna Feinstein and myself talk about our installations last Saturday.  It was a great turn out with insightful and interested conversations.  Over the last few weekends the gods eye has continued to grow.  This weekend is your last chance to add to what could be the biggest gods eye in the world! I’m still looking into the details on that last statement but never the less time and space are running out!  I’ll be at the BOX from 1-5pm Saturday Aug 18.  See you there!

To see a sneak peak at an animation in progress click here


a gods eye after 8.4.12

Although I was not there to witness it, I was told that about 25 people came by the show the first weekend in August and quite a few of them stopped to make a gods eye.  Some of them even left evidence! I found this new addition on the big gods eye when I returned.  It is quite beautiful.  Thank you anonymous gods eye maker/donor!

added gods eye

There are actually quite a few gods eye that have been donated to the show.  I started with three examples on the wall above the handouts.  Now the pedestal with the flyers looks more like a shrine to gods eye.  Love it!

a gods eye shrine


a gods eye 7.28.12 with help from A

In July 2010 Alicia and I unveiled our first gods eye project, Gods Eyes Opening at Nano Gallery in Santa Monica.  It seemed only right Alicia leave her mark on a giant gods eye.  So on Saturday I photographed the piles of yarn and things remaining on the floor. From those pictures she chose 3 colors of yarn to add to the gods eye, black, grey and gold. I wrapped them for her using the entire skein of each yarn. It was a prefect, inspiring collaboration.


I won’t be at BOX13 this weekend with a gods eye, however mark your calendars for Saturday, August 11.  Orna Feinstein (who is showing in the Downstairs Front Gallery at BOX13) and I will be hosting gallery talks and I’m hoping to set up a webcam so more people can participate from around the country with the help of the internet.


a gods eye 7.21.12

a gods eye after hall by Kate Kendall 2012

The gods eye grew quite beautifully last Saturday.  Thanks to all who came out to witness and participate.  It was a perfect afternoon.  See more progress below and come out this Saturday, tomorrow Aug 28th, to continue the journey.

I’ll be at BOX 13 from 1-5pm.  See you there!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

a gods eye after rich by Kate Kendall 2012a gods eye after kelly by Kate Kendall 2012


a gods eye

a gods eye before July 14 by Kate Kendall


a gods eye after July 14 by Kate Kendall


x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Thank you to everyone who came to the opening last Saturday for a gods eye.  The turnout and participation were far greater than I expected.  Together we started something beautiful. To all those yet to participate, I will be gallery/gods eye sitting from 1-5pm on Saturdays until August 18.  There’s plenty of room for more!!

A Gods Eye in Wichita Falls

Found hanging over the door at Gyros Kebabs in Wichita Falls, Texas.

I really like the tassels.

Feliz Navidad

A yarn cactus stands in for a Christmas tree…

Feliz Navidad to all and to all a good night.

More Flowers on the Wall

These pictures are from a few weeks ago.  Huge thanks to everyone who came out to work on the swirl of continuity.  Looking forward to the new year and sharing all the progress!

Happy 30th Orange Show!

I spent the last week in October helping some amazing Houston artists create a 12-foot-tall by 12-foot-wide 4 layer cake to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Orange Show. Paul Kittelson built the frame and Dixie Friend Gay, Sharon Kopriva, Carter Ernst, and I “decorated” the cake.  Marilyn Oshman, the founder of the Orange Show as a non-profit foundation, was thrilled and  said “the cake represents everything the Orange Show stands for.  I love it, the artists brought the cake to the party!”

To see some awesome photos of the party click here.

To read more about the Orange Show click here.

Dia de Los Muertos Retablo

This Friday is the Gala and Retablo Silent Auction at Lawndale Art Center!

Come support Lawndale and local artists! CLICK HERE for more info and tickets

Saint Lucy Give Me Sight

This year I dedicated my retablo to Saint Lucy, the patron saint of the blind. The story of Saint Lucy comes in many variations.  In one she gave her dowry to the poor and her virginity to God so as not to many a pagan.  Her would be husband denounced her as a Christian and but when the guards came to get her they could not move her or burn her, so took her eyes instead.  In another her would be husband admired her eye so she tore them out and gave them to him, saying “Now, let me live to God.”  Lucy or Lucia also derives from lux the latin root for light.  So together with a gods eye, evil eyes and gem stones I honor her, sight and light.

Saint Lucy painting detail