a gods eye OUTPOST at BOX13

a gods eye OUTPOST on by Kate Kendall

a gods eye has a new home in the Installation BOX on the second floor of BOX13. Surrounded by plush high desert plants and an expansive sky, take some time to meditate in the glow of a giant gods eye.  Feel free to rest on a camp stool and warm your hands by the yarn fire.  If inspired to practice action, directions and supplies to create a gods eye of your own are available.  If inspired to practice stillness, stare into the depths of a giant gods eye. Either way, a warm, soft, fuzzy feeling should emerge. Please take it with you when you leave. And come again.

Gallery Hours Saturday 1-5pm or by appointment so email me.


painting with blue

The giant gods eye will soon be installed as a Gods Eye Outpost, complete with yarn fire, yuccas, cacti and gods eye making materials in the installation box at BOX 13 ArtSpace. For now I’m working on painting my favorite color, the high desert sky. It’s a good start. Now the blending will begin.



Kiki’s and Blooming Orchids

Dixie had some extra pots and I finally transferred the orchid babies/kikis into their own pots. Excited to watch them grow up. The big mama is still nursing one more kiki. The other two orchids are very happy as well. One is going wild and has almost out grown its pot! The second is still blooming! Perfect orchid weather in Houston these days. We are so lucky to be getting all this rain. Thank you rain gods!

Happy Tillandias

It’s been a good wet summer and happy Tillandias/air plants are here to prove it. I’m so excited one of them is blooming! What a beauty!

SHIPPED: Work by Current BOX13 Artists Outside the BOX

SHIPPED: Work by Current BOX13 Artists Outside the BOX

Opening TONIGHT September 7, 2012 @ 4411 Montrose Blvd

6:30 – 8:30 PM  

Catch some great art by BOX13 resident artists outside the box.  Up for one week only, so don’t miss it! See images more images of the work and installation on flickr. I’m unveiling reworked joke pictures, A Dirty Joke and A Clean Joke. Click here for more info and see you tonight!

Shipped installation view, A Dirty Joke and A Clean Joke

a gods eye 8.18.12

after Mark or the end

The gods eye had a grand finale and looks marvelous.


Finished off in brown yarn, it now stands 8′ 7″ high and 8’10″ wide.  I still need to research the world record…. for now it comes out of the Upstairs BOX to chill in my studio for a while.  Stay tuned for more animations of its construction and it’s unveiling in a new home in the Installation BOX at BOX13.  Until then be sure to check out the current exhibition in the Installation BOX, Kia Neill‘s  Boulder.   On September 22, 2012 from 1:00-4:00pm help Kia break the big geode, deconstruct the cave and claim your territory! Click for more info about Breaking the Big Geode Closing/Deconstruction Party.

For now I’m trying to figure out a way to make a gods eye into dining tables. Suggestions welcome!


a gods eye 8.11.12

a gods eye after Orna and Tudor

Thanks to everyone who came out to hear Orna Feinstein and myself talk about our installations last Saturday.  It was a great turn out with insightful and interested conversations.  Over the last few weekends the gods eye has continued to grow.  This weekend is your last chance to add to what could be the biggest gods eye in the world! I’m still looking into the details on that last statement but never the less time and space are running out!  I’ll be at the BOX from 1-5pm Saturday Aug 18.  See you there!

To see a sneak peak at an animation in progress click here


a gods eye after 8.4.12

Although I was not there to witness it, I was told that about 25 people came by the show the first weekend in August and quite a few of them stopped to make a gods eye.  Some of them even left evidence! I found this new addition on the big gods eye when I returned.  It is quite beautiful.  Thank you anonymous gods eye maker/donor!

added gods eye

There are actually quite a few gods eye that have been donated to the show.  I started with three examples on the wall above the handouts.  Now the pedestal with the flyers looks more like a shrine to gods eye.  Love it!

a gods eye shrine


a gods eye 7.28.12 with help from A

In July 2010 Alicia and I unveiled our first gods eye project, Gods Eyes Opening at Nano Gallery in Santa Monica.  It seemed only right Alicia leave her mark on a giant gods eye.  So on Saturday I photographed the piles of yarn and things remaining on the floor. From those pictures she chose 3 colors of yarn to add to the gods eye, black, grey and gold. I wrapped them for her using the entire skein of each yarn. It was a prefect, inspiring collaboration.


I won’t be at BOX13 this weekend with a gods eye, however mark your calendars for Saturday, August 11.  Orna Feinstein (who is showing in the Downstairs Front Gallery at BOX13) and I will be hosting gallery talks and I’m hoping to set up a webcam so more people can participate from around the country with the help of the internet.


a gods eye 7.21.12

a gods eye after hall by Kate Kendall 2012

The gods eye grew quite beautifully last Saturday.  Thanks to all who came out to witness and participate.  It was a perfect afternoon.  See more progress below and come out this Saturday, tomorrow Aug 28th, to continue the journey.

I’ll be at BOX 13 from 1-5pm.  See you there!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

a gods eye after rich by Kate Kendall 2012a gods eye after kelly by Kate Kendall 2012