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a gods eye OUTPOST at BOX13

a gods eye has a new home in the Installation BOX on the second floor of BOX13. Surrounded by plush high desert plants and an expansive sky, take some time to meditate in the glow of a giant gods eye.  Feel free to rest on a camp stool and warm your hands by the yarn fire.  If [...]

a gods eye 8.18.12

The gods eye had a grand finale and looks marvelous. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED! YOU CREATED SOMETHING BIG & BEAUTIFUL and I COULD NOT have done it without YOU! Finished off in brown yarn, it now stands 8′ 7″ high and 8’10″ wide.  I still need to research the world record…. for now [...]

a gods eye 8.11.12

Thanks to everyone who came out to hear Orna Feinstein and myself talk about our installations last Saturday.  It was a great turn out with insightful and interested conversations.  Over the last few weekends the gods eye has continued to grow.  This weekend is your last chance to add to what could be the biggest gods eye in [...]

a gods eye after 8.4.12

Although I was not there to witness it, I was told that about 25 people came by the show the first weekend in August and quite a few of them stopped to make a gods eye.  Some of them even left evidence! I found this new addition on the big gods eye when I returned. [...]

a gods eye 7.28.12 with help from A

In July 2010 Alicia and I unveiled our first gods eye project, Gods Eyes Opening at Nano Gallery in Santa Monica.  It seemed only right Alicia leave her mark on a giant gods eye.  So on Saturday I photographed the piles of yarn and things remaining on the floor. From those pictures she chose 3 [...]

Feliz Navidad

A yarn cactus stands in for a Christmas tree… Feliz Navidad to all and to all a good night.


Thank you so much to everyone who donated yarn so far to make “Kate Kendall’s Krazy Eyes” possible.  Special thanks to: Jan Claire Phillips Dixie Friend Gay Andy Huang Alicia Marie Olivas Borg Denis in Pflugerville, TX Chris at Nimble Fingers Twisted Yarn in Spring, TX Karuna at Merribee Needlearts Nancy at Nancy’s Knits  

More yarn pretty please!

Moving right along…. See the yarn cactus prototype below and the yarn mountain so far. I’m still on my quest for more yarn. Any leads would be appreciated. I think I’m about halfway there… Many thanks to the Texas Art Asylum, The Center for Recycled Art and Dennis in Pfulgerville for getting me this far!!! [...]

In search of Yarn!

Kate Kendall’s Krazy Eyes needs your help to become a midway spectacle extraordinaire!! I’m on a quest to accumulate massive amounts of yarn in a very short time. Deadline: August 30th   Real Absolute Deadline: September 8th I’ll be participating in DIVERSEWORKS STATE FAIR and my booth requires lots of yarn to be fully realized and make lots of [...]