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Wall Update: New Growth

New leaves are taking form on the forget-me-not wall at Smither Park. ┬áMy wonderful assistant (Thanks Mom!!) and I braved the sun yesterday and made a lot of progress’; we chipped out a yellow petal in the duck flower and replaced it with a blue one, built up the area inside the cat plates with [...]

A Return to the Wall

After a few months off installing mosaic with Dixie and Mosaika, I’m back at Smither Park working on the forget-me-not wall. There are a few more flowers blooming and some leaves are finally sprouting. And I found a turtle to top it off! There is a crew of people helping every Saturday and everyone has [...]

Bear by Tim Hawkinson

Amazing Tim Hawkinson granite bear. It makes you feel all warm a cuddly. One of many amazing pieces in the Stuart Collection on the University of California San Diego campus.