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Kiki’s and Blooming Orchids

Dixie had some extra pots and I finally transferred the orchid babies/kikis into their own pots. Excited to watch them grow up. The big mama is still nursing one more kiki. The other two orchids are very happy as well. One is going wild and has almost out grown its pot! The second is still [...]

Happy 30th Orange Show!

I spent the last week in October helping some amazing Houston artists create a 12-foot-tall by 12-foot-wide 4 layer cake to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Orange Show. Paul Kittelson built the frame and Dixie Friend Gay, Sharon Kopriva, Carter Ernst, and I “decorated” the cake. ¬†Marilyn Oshman, the founder of the Orange Show [...]


Thank you so much to everyone who donated yarn so far to make “Kate Kendall’s Krazy Eyes” possible. ¬†Special thanks to: Jan Claire Phillips Dixie Friend Gay Andy Huang Alicia Marie Olivas Borg Denis in Pflugerville, TX Chris at Nimble Fingers Twisted Yarn in Spring, TX Karuna at Merribee Needlearts Nancy at Nancy’s Knits  

Lewis Elementary School LION

Dixie and I finished the lion install at Lewis Elementary an HISD school located just north of Hobby Airport on Rockhill. We could not have done it with out the amazing Carlos from Mexico! Thanks Carlos!! Also a big thanks to Walker Molina Architects and Drymalla Construction for making the space happen. What an amazing [...]

Biggest Lion Ever!

On Tuesday Dixie and I started installing the biggest lion ever in a new elementary school here in Houston.¬†Fabricated in Mexico, the mural is cut into manageable panels for installation. My favorite piece is the nose!