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Spring/Summer Garden Expansion

This spring we enlarged the vegetable garden I started next to my parent’s house. It feels good to claim back some dirt from the concrete. Spring/Early Summer Harvests: rainbow peppers, parsley, mint, lemon balm, oregano, calendulas, purple carrots (which I need to plant farther apart next year so they can get bigger) and spicy Thai [...]

Fall Garden updates

Last weekend we had a garden harvest!  Nothing too fancy: a few rainbow peppers (red this time!), lots of pesto in the freezer and zinnias all over the house.  Some nice additions to the garden as well:  a hot pepper plant and a baby aloe.  The basil and zinnias are still going strong and finally the [...]

Rain in the garden

The garden has been looking really good. Two peppers on the rainbow pepper plant and lots of happy basil to make pesto! Also the zinnias are starting to bloom!! Thanks to the rain gods for yesterday’s rain. It felt like Houston again!

Finally some rain!

1st inch of rain since January! We needed it. The pepper plant is blooming and the basil is flourishing!