Spring/Summer Garden Expansion

This spring we enlarged the vegetable garden I started next to my parent’s house. It feels good to claim back some dirt from the concrete.

Spring/Early Summer Harvests: rainbow peppers, parsley, mint, lemon balm, oregano, calendulas, purple carrots (which I need to plant farther apart next year so they can get bigger) and spicy Thai peppers

New additions: a banana pepper plant, 3 kinds of tomatoes, some pesto basil, and a sweet potato spinach plant from the farmer’s market.

The rainbow pepper plant from last year is still producing with some fertilizer love and the herbs are all very happy.

I’m planning to experiment with some flower seeds to get us through the summer. I’ve got big plans for the fall with all this space to fill!!

  • garden expansion, double the size!
  • New tomato plant
  • New sweet potato spinach plant- for salads and saute
  • new basil plants
  • a bunch of purple carrots
  • carrots from smallest to biggest
  • tiniest carrots ever
  • inside a purple carrot
  • calendulas and tomatoes
  • wild and happy calendulas

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