FIRST ATTEMPT - To the Tree was a series of attempts to get people to climb trees. The initial attempt was called Reclaim the Trees. It called on primal urges and memories of childhood to entice action and experience.

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Reclaim the Trees


To the Tree! Up the Tree!
The SECOND ATTEMPT utilized external incentives embodied in the event t-shirt.   Everyone who climbed a tree received a silk screened To the Tree! Up the Tree! t-shirt to memorialize the tree climbing experience.   This object worked as both a symbol of the shared experience and the new community created around that shared experience.   Thus the t-shirt embodied promotional potential for evangelization and growth of the tree climbing community.

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The THIRD ATTEMPT introduced the tree into the gallery along with a map detailing the climbing potential of trees near the gallery.  While this attempt may not have incited many tree climbing experiences, the absurdity of the constructed tree and map demanded daydreaming and dissection.

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Tree Map Legend