Socks to Potholders

The Sock Shrine began as an homage to a childhood love of mismatched socks, diminished by public scrutiny, only to be reborn as performance art.   Created for “Turn the Other Cheek” a group show at Found Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, the piece began on opening night as a classical triptych exhibiting polaroids of strangers’ feet in socks.   The guests of the gallery were provided pink and green socks to wear throughout opening night.  Before leaving the gallery that evening, guests were asked to leave their worn pink and green socks underneath the triptych.  The grande finale was a pile of dirty socks left as an offering below the polaroid triptych.

Thus the shrine was complete as a salute to all who love all socks, no matter the color, style or current fashion.

Sock Shrine triptych

However at the close of the show a pile of dirty socks, no matter how holy, needed to be addressed.  After a thorough washing and a little handy work, the used socks were transformed into pot holders.  These beautiful and functional objects protect from heat while cooking food to nourish the body.

pink and green socks in the gallery

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Pot holder 31

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