Kate Kendall’s KRAZY EYES

As a booth in State Fair at Diverseworks Artspace, Kate Kendall’s Krazy Eyes promotes the ideas of spirituality in art and commercial exchange. Almost entirely constructed of yarn, the installation resembles the mexican high desert and a mystic’s campfire, complete with yarn cacti, yucca and fire. On market days, visitors to the space are greeted by guru Kate and persuaded to participate in an artistic and spiritual exchange. The guru shares her knowledge of the gods eye, teaching its creation and its history as the participants share their knowledge of the world or worldly goods with her. Some examples of these exchanges include learning a new joke, how to draw a bird and how to do a greek dance.

Download information and directions to make a gods eye here.

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Curated by Diane Barber,”State Fair is a public spectacle that takes as its inspiration the construct of a contemporary art fair and merges it with the age-old tradition of street peddling. Organized to coincide Houston’s first-ever public art fairs, The Houston Fine Art Fair in September and the Texas Contemporary in October, State Fair is an arts-centric trade show with a twist in which artists from around the state will inhabit the gallery with public projects that explore the notion of street commerce, underground exchange, and alternate economies that defy the strictures of the commercial art economy.”

For more information about State Fair visit www.Diverseworks.org