Installing with Dixie

For the past 4 weeks I have been in the Woodlands, Texas helping install a mosaic by artist Dixie Friend Gay and fabricated by Mosaika. The wall is 40 feet high up a 3 story staircase in a brand new building for Sam Houston State University. I got new work boots for the job. You can see the boots progression- day 1 and 10 so far- below. Keep checking back to see how the boots fare.

**** NEW UPDATE! We are done installing AND I’ve added images of boots day 20 and day 30! The last 10 days were spent working on the Houston Bayou mosaic mural at Bush Intercontinental Airport Terminal B.  We patched it up and re-grouted so it’s looking better then ever! And my boots are now ready to work on the wall for Smither Park.  Let the mosaic-ing continue…..

Check out Dixie’s Blog or Mosaika’s installation Blog for the whole installation process at Sam Houston in the Woodlands. My boot makes a cameo appearance on Mosaika’s blog day 14.

  • Boots day 1
  • Boots day 10
  • Boots day 20
  • Boots day 30

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