ceramic pieces for Benthic Zone by Dixie Friend Gay


Kendall has worked as a studio assistant for Dixie Friend Gay since February 2010. She works with photography, graphic design, ceramics, and glass to help design, fabricate and install Friend Gay’s mosaic murals and public art including: The Benthic Zone at Texas A&M University at Galveston, designs for Houston METRO stations, digital billboards in the Woodlands, Texas, and Reflections to Mist at Sam Houston State University.   Kendall also assists in research and development for new projects,  office and studio management, website management, and whatever needs to be done to make things run smoothly.  Click here to see what they are working on now.  To see images of Dixie Friend Gay’s work, please visit her website:


Kendall has worked with Mosaika alongside Dixie Friend Gay and as part of the installation team from 2010 to the present.  She installed two projects with Dixie: Syncopation Sea and Benthic Zone at Texas A&M in Galveston Texas and Reflections to Mist at Sam Houston State University. Click on either location to see the installation blogs.  She also worked on the Mosaika team installing mosaics in two Los Angeles subway stations. At the Westlake McArthur Park station, she helped install 13 hand-carved medallions designed by Sonia Romero.  At the Civic Center station, the installation consisted of 52 colorful smalti mosaics designed by Faith Ringgold.  Click here to see the installation. To learn more about Mosaika, please visit their website:

Westlake Station, Los Angeles, CA designed by Sonya Romero installed by Mosaika

Legend of La Cienega 2009 Dorothy Draper by Madeline Stuart


While employed as a design assistant, Kendall created the 2009 Legends of La Cienega window display at Outside Downtown for Madeline Stuart. Designed with the help of the entire staff at Madeline Stuart, the window pays homage to famed designer Dorothy Draper emphasizing her use of plaster, bold stripes and large flora patterns.  Kendall hand stenciled the flowers on the drapes, plastered the mirror, demilune table, flowers, vase, chair cushions and Jack Russell terrier armature.  The chairs and chandelier were provided by Outside Downtown. To see more of Madeline Stuart’s work, please visit her website: